2021 Relativity
2021 Relativity
Wisniewski Pedigee
First Generation

1 William Wisneski. Born on 10 April 1928 in Jersey City, NJ and baptized at All Saints Church. He attended All Saints school and St. Michaels High School, graduating in 1946. He met Joan McDonald as a co-worker at Chubb & sons and they were married on 8 Aug 1953 at St Aloysius Church in Jersey City, NJ. They changed their surname to Wisner in 1961 and they raised their children on Emory Street in Jersey City. Bill was an accountant.
They moved to Brick NJ in 1979 where Joan died in July 1982. After Joan's death, Bill moved to Brielle, NJ and he died there on 28 Oct 2011.

Second Generation

2 Wladyslaw Wisniewski. Born on 25 Jun 1898 in Jersey City, NJ and was baptized in St. Anthony of Padua Church in July 1898. On 8 May 1918, he married Teophila Kaminska, at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in Jersey City, NJ. Wladyslaw died of a sudden heart attack in Jersey City, NJ on 5 Oct 1949. He is buried with Teophila in Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington, NJ.

3 Teophila Kaminska. Born on 20 Dec 1895 in Wielka Turza, Płock, Poland. She emigrated from the port of Bremen, on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria in June of 1914 to Jersey City, New Jersey in the US. On 8 May 1918, she married Wladyslaw Wisniewski, at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in Jersey City, NJ. A picture of Teophila (Phyllis) and Wladyslaw (William) are shown on their wedding day. Unknown to them, Teophila and Wladyslaw were third cousins. They raised their family in the Lafayette section of Jersey City. Teophila died at her home at 17 Emory Street in Jersey City, NJ on 9 Sep 1967.

Third Generation

4 Marcin Wisńiewski. Born on 20 Oct 1866 in Mochowo, Poland. On 29 Apr 1891, he married Jozefa Sławinska, in Tłuchowo, Poland. Marcin ventured first to the US, travelling with his brother-in-law, Ignacy Sławinski, on the Nevada, arriving in New York Harbor on 24 May 1893. He raised his family on Canal Street in Jersey City. Marcin died there on 3 Feb 1939 and was buried in Holy Name cemetery in Jersey City.

5 Jozefa Sławinska. Born on 19 Aug 1868 in Grabowiec, Ligowo parish, Poland. Jozefa followed her husband and three of her brothers to the United States in 1896, arriving with her eldest son, 3-year-old Stanislaw on 26 June 1896, aboard the Prussia sailing from Hamburg. Jozefa died in Jersey City, NJ on 5 Apr 1953. Jozefa is buried with Marcin and son Leon in Holy Name Cemetary in Jersey City, NJ.
6 Leopold Kaminski. Born on 4 Jul 1858 in Rumunki Tupadły, Mokowo parish, Poland. On 17 Oct 1883, he married Walerya Nowicka, in Rumunek Turza, Tłuchowo parish, Poland.Their family. Leopold was the record administrator for the Sobowo parish. After the death of Walerya, he married Zofia Dobrzeniecka . Leopold died in Popowo, Poland about 1945.

7 Walerya Nowicka. Born on 27 Dec 1864 in Turza Wilcza, Tłuchowo parish, Poland. Walerya died in Sobowo, Poland on 18 Dec 1913.Their family

Fourth Generation

8 Konstanty Wisńiewski. Born on 12 Mar 1835 in Mochowo, Poland. On 23 Jan 1859, he married Maryanna Galas, in Mochowo, Poland. Their family. Konstanty died on 26 Jan 1901 in Tłuchowo.

9 Maryanna Galas. Born on 10 November 1837 in Mochowo, Poland. She died before 1901.

10 Pawel Sławinski. Born on 3 Jan 1845 in Czermnienski Rumunek, Ligowo parish, Poland. On 26 Feb 1865, he married Balbina Napiorska, in Ławiczek, (Skępe). Their family. Pawel died in Grabowiec, Ligowo, Poland on 25 Mar 1877.

11 Balbina Napiorska. Born on 5 Jan 1847 in Ławiczek, Skępe parish, Poland. She died on 17 May 1888 in Oboz, Skępe, Poland.

12 Jozef Kaminski. Born on 28 Feb 1826 in Rumunki Tupadły, Poland. On 27 Oct 1845, he married Romualda Brzozowska. Their family. Jozef died on 14 May 1908 in Rumunki Tupadły.

13 Romualda Brzozowska. Born on 7 Feb 1825 in Głewo, Dobrzyn, Poland, she died on 1 Sep 1895 in Rumunki Tupadły a month before her 50th anniversary with Jozef.

14 Franciszek Nowicki. Born on 4 Dec 1838 in Zaduszniki, Poland. On 20 Feb 1860, he married Franciszka Olszewska, in Bądkowo Jeziorne, Płock. Franciszek was a sheep herder.Their family. Franciszek died after 1905.

15 Franciszka Olszewska. Born on 2 Mar 1842 in Ruszkowo, Sobowo parish. Franciszka died after 1905.

Fifth Generation

16 Piotr Wisńiewski. Born on 29 Jul 1802 in Czarnomine, Gozdowo parish, Poland. On 2 Feb 1825, he married Anastazya Baczewska, in Sulkowo Błonie, Mochowo, Poland. Their family. After Anastazya's death, he married Wiktorya Ruszkowska. Wiktorya died on 15 Dec 1867 and Piotr married Franciszka Warczakowska, widow of Franciszek Smużewski, on 17 May 1868 in Mochowo. Piotr died on 8 Apr 1884 in Mochowo.

17 Anastazya Baczewska. Born on 26 Dec 1799 in Mochowo, Poland. Anastazya died in Mochowo, Poland on 16 Jun 1854.

18 Jan Galas. Born on 22 May 1816 in Mochowo, Poland. On 20 Nov 1836, he married Maryanna Malinowska, in Mochowo, Poland.Their family. After Maryanna's death, Jan married Ludwika Ulicka. After Ludwika's death in 1874, he married Antonina Gozdowska later that year. Jan died on 16 Jan 1895 in Mochowo.

19 Maryanna Malinowska. Born in 1 Aug 1816 in Osiek, Ligowo parish, Poland. Maryanna died in Mochowo, Poland in 1863.

20 Marcelli Sławinski. Born on 18 Jun 1814 in Rumunek Malanowo, Ligowo parish, Poland. In 1839, he married Teodora Staskowska, in Ławiczek, (Skępe parish). Their family. Marcelli died in Grabowiec, Ligowo parish, Poland in March 1877.

21 Teodora Staskowska. Born in 27 Dec 1818 in Grabowiec, Ligowo parish, Poland. She died on 4 Jun 1896 in Czarny Las,Skępe.

22 Jan Napiorski. Born about 1817 in Ławiczek, (Skępe) Poland. About 1836, Jan married Rozalia Smużewska. Their family. After Rozalia's death in 1869, Jan married Salomea Tucholska. Jan died on 8 Jul 1893 in Ławiczek, Skępe.

23 Rozalia Smużewska. Born 24 Aug 1814 in Gozdy, Ligowo parish, Poland, her first husband was Jan Chrabąszczewski, who died in 1835. Rozalia married Jan Napiorski about 1830. Rozalia died in Ławiczek, (Skępe parish) Poland on 13 Aug 1869.

24 Maciej Kaminski. Born on 23 Feb 1797 in Tupadły, Mokowo parish, Poland. About 1814, he married Katarzyna Wielewska. Their family. Maciej died on 29 Mar 1854 in Rumunki Tupadły, Poland.

25 Katarzyna Wielewska. Born about 1798, she died on 9 Dec 1860 in Rumunek Tupadły, Poland.

27 Maryanna Brzozowska. Born on 25 Apr 1802 in Głowczyn, she died on 28 Jan 1877 in Rumunki Tupadły, Poland.

28 Jan Nowicki. Born on 23 Dec 1817 in Zaduszniki, Poland. In Oct 1837, he married Maryanna Gryczewska, in Zaduszniki. Jan was a sheep herder. He died in Łeg, Mokowo on 19 Jun 1905. Their family.

29 Maryanna Gryczewska. Born 19 Dec 1819 in Malanowo, Ligowo parish, Poland. Jan and Maryanna were married for 67 years at the time of Jan's death. Maryanna died in Łeg, Mokowo on 23 Dec 1907.

30 Roch Olszewski. Born on 15 Aug 1808 in Chalin (Dobrzyn), Poland. Roch married Anna Dresler on 12 Feb 1832 but she died ten days later. On 13 Aug of 1832, he married Anna Krajkowska. Their family. After Anna's death, Roch married Elzbieta Lewandowska on 6 May 1874. He died on 10 Aug 1884 in Rumunek Turski, Tłuchowo.

31 Anna Krajkowska. Born on 29 Jul 1812 in Bądkowo Koscielne, Poland. She died on 24 Jul 1873 in Rumunek Bądkowo, Poland.

Sixth Generation

32 Norbert Wisńiewski. Born in 1771. Norbert married Maryanna Orłowska.Their family. Norbert died in Czarnomine, Gozdowo in June 1802.

33 Maryanna Orłowska. Born in 1771 in Będorzyn, Borzewo. After the death of Norbert Wisńiewski, she married Jozef Jasinski in 1805.

34 Jan Baczewski. Born on 5 Feb 1758 in Mochowo, Poland. He married Maryanna Szliwicka. Their family. Jan died in Mochowo, Poland in 1829.

35 Maryanna Szliwicka. Born about 1768, Maryanna died in Mochowo, Poland on 18 Jul 1818.

36 Jozef Galas. Born on 17 Mar 1783 in Mochowo, Poland. Jozef married Kunegunda Szymanska. Their family. Jozef died after 1852.

37 Kunegunda Szymanska. Born on 7 Mar 1784 in Mochowo, Poland. Kunegunda died on 25 Sept 1852 in Mochowo.

38 Kacper Malinowski. Born in 1786. Kasper married Katarzyna Wiecka. Their family He died before 1856.

39 Katarzyna Wiecka. Born about 1786, Katarzyna died on 29 October 1856 in Mochowo.

40 Wojciech Sławinski. Born in 1768 in Poland. His first wife was Katarzyna Gotowicka. About 1807, he married Maryanna Skrzenska. Their family. He died on 17 Oct 1835 in Czermnienski Rumunek, Ligowo, Poland.

41 Maryanna Skrzenska. Born on 22 Aug 1789 in Czermno (Skępe parish) Poland. After the death of Wojciech, she married Roch Wisńiewski on 11 Feb 1846. Maryanna died in Czermienski Rumunek , Ligowo, Poland on 23 Jan 1848.

42 Wojciech Staskowski. Born in Kukowo, Ligowo parish in 1786 in Poland. Wojciech married Maryanna Wisńiewska on 29 Jan 1816 in Grabowiec, Ligowo parish, Poland. Their family.

43 Maryanna Wisńiewska. Born about 1793 in Skępe, Poland. She died before 1855.

44 Andrzej Napiorski. Born in 1775 in Poland. Occupation: Soldier. On 26 Nov 1804, he married Maryanna Szczepanska, in Ławiczek, (Skępe), Poland. Their family. Andrzej died before 1851.

45 Maryanna Szczepanska. Born on 16 Feb 1788 in Skępe, Poland, she died there on 1 Dec 1851.

46 Kasper Smużewski. Born on 15 Jan 1792 in Czermno, (Ligowo parish) Poland. In 1813, he married Katarzyna Nagayska. Their family. After Katarzyna's death, he married Malgorzata Olszewska on 7 Nov 1852 in Huta (Skępe parish), Poland. Kasper died in Ławiczek, (Skępe parish) Poland on 9 Apr 1854.

47 Katarzyna Nagayska. Born in 1792. Her first husband was Jan Jagodzinski, who died in 1811. Katarzyna died in Ławiczek, (Skępe parish) Poland in 22 April 1852.

48 Tomasz Kaminski. Born about 1770 in Mokowo, Poland. He married Agnieszka Jendrejewska on 23 Feb 1795 in Mokowo, Poland. Their family He died before 1826??

49 Agnieszka Jendrzejewska Born about 1770 in Mokowo, Poland. She died before 1826???

50 Jakob Wielewski. Born about 1760, he married Julianna before 1784. Their family

51 Julianna.

54 Stanislaw Brzozowski. Born about 1770.

55 Jadwiga.

56 Andrzej Nowicki.Born in 1777 in Zaduszniki, Poland. Andrzej married Ewa Kozinska. Their family.

57 Ewa Kozinska.Born about 1780 in Zaduszniki, Poland. Ewa died in 1832 in Zaduszniki, Poland.

58 Walenty Gryczewski. Born about 1789 in Zaduszniki, Poland. Walenty married Agnieszka Wisńiewska on 19 Feb 1816 in Malanowo, Ligowo parish, Poland. Their family.

59 Agnieszka Wisńiewska. Born on 25 Jan 1792 in Czarnomine, Gozdowo parish, Poland.

60 Jan Olszewski.Born about 1780 in Poland. Jan married Maryanna Siedlicka. Their family

61 Maryanna Siedlicka.Born about 1780 in Poland.

62 Franciszek Krajkowski.Born on 2 Oct 1787 in Glowina, Sobowo parish, Poland. In 1808, he married Agnieszka Kopaczewska on 7 Nov 1808 in Bądkowo Koscielne. Their family He died on 20 Jul 1853 in Strupczewo, Sobowo, Poland.

63 Agnieszka Kopaczewska. Born in 1788 in in Bądkowo Koscielne, Poland. She died on 26 Aug 1847 in Strupczewo, Sobowo parish, Poland

Seventh Generation

64 Franciszek Wisńiewski. Born about 1743. Franciszek married Marcyanna. After the death of Marcyanna, he married Katarzyna Zboyska in 1805. He died before 1820.

65 Marcyanna

66 Mateusz Orłowski

67 Maryanna

68 Kacper Baczewski. Born about 1730. Kacper married Maryanna. Their family.

68 Maryanna. Born about 1730.

72 Wladislav Galas. Born in 1749. Wladislav married Catharina. Their family. Wladislav died in Mochowo, Poland on 29 Jan 1828.

73 Catharina. Born about 1750.

74 Jan Szymanski.Born about 1750. Jan married Maryanna. Their family

75 Maryanna. Born about 1750.

80 Wojciech Sławinski.

81 Rozalia.

82 Franciszek Skrzenski. Born in 1760 in Skępe, Poland. Franciszek died before 1810. Their family.

83 Elzbieta Przetakiewicz. Born on 28 Oct 1759 in Skępe Poland. After the death of Franciszek, she married Jan Poliwczynski on 24 Sept 1810 in Skępe, Ligowo parish. Jan died before 1813 and she then married Roch Krzeminski.

84 Walenty Staskowski.

85 Regina

86 Jan Wisńiewski. Born about 1765; Jan married Maryanna on 25 Jan 1790 in Skępe, Ligowo parish, Poland. Their Family.

87 Maryanna Sobocinska

88 Szymon Napiorski.

89 Agnieszka

90 Matthias Szczepanski. Their family

91 Catharina Sukowska.

92 Franciszek Smużewski. Born on 31 Mar 1766 in Skępe, Poland. He married Franciszka about 1798. Their family. After Franciszka's death about 1796, Franciszek married Maryanna Szafranska. Maryanna died in 1816, and Franciszek then married Maryanna Kwiatkowska.

93 Franciszka Lewandowska. Born in 1767, she died on 20 Dec 1797 in Skępe.

94 Szymon Nagayski. Szymon married Brigitta Chojnacka.

95 Brigitta Chojnacka.

116 Wojciech Gryczewski Born about 1765, Wojciech married Malgorzata. Their family.

117 Malgorzata

118 Norbert Wisńiewski Born about 1765. Norbert married Maryanna Jasinska; Their family

119 Maryanna Jasinska Born about 1769.

124 Walenty Krajkowski . Born about 1755, Walenty married Apolonia. o Their Family

125 Apolonia .

126 Wojciech Kopaczewski.Born about 1760, Wojciech married Magdalena Bartczak.Their family

127 Magdalena Bartczak.

Eighth Generation

1166 Walenty Przetakiewicz. Walenty married Katarzyna on 21 Feb 1750 in Skępe, Poland. Their family.

167 Katarzyna Uzarska.

184 Adam Smużewski. Their family

185 Maryanna Pawłowska.

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